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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Singing, screening and shindig - oh my!

Important points to note:
  • It may seem like we're charging more for the event than we have in the past, but in actual fact we're still charging $5. The extra $20 is required by the restaurant to ensure we have enough people coming to the event. The $20 will be returned back to you in the form of a voucher for the restaurant.
  • We need at least 50 people to attend for the event to go ahead. Please make sure you buy your tickets because we can only fit a total of 95 in the room.
  • There are a ton of TVs in the room so you WILL be able to see the screens!
  • There will be an auction with exciting items and a draw!


  1. Anonymous11:33 am

    As someone with an allergy, do you know if the venue has gluten free food or drinks?

  2. I'm sorry. I don't really know. I would suggest contacting them directly and asking.
    (416) 979-5464
    You can also check the menu here:
    I hope this helps.