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Friday, April 22, 2011

We Need You! Help Spread the Word!

We're calling on everyone to help spread the word about this year's Can't Stop the Serenity screening in Toronto, so please consider helping us in the following ways:

Facebook: Join our Toronto Can't Stop the Serenity group on facebook. We have a facebook event for this year's screening. Please click the link and share it regularly with as many of your friends as possible!! Toronto Can't Stop the Serenity 2011 Event

Twitter: Follow us on Twitter and retweet our tweets!

Flyer Distribution: Do you have access to community boards, clubs or other groups that might have an interest in the screening? Do you frequent local comic book shops, book stores, or game shops where we might be able to display and/or leave a stack of flyers? Please help us by downloading and printing a few copies of our mini flyers, located here: FLYERS.

Note: When distributing flyers, please ensure that you have Permission to do so. Do not leave flyers unattended or post them without first asking if it's allowed. Our aim is to promote in a positive manner, not a negative one. Thank you!

And for best results, do all of these! With your help, we'll have another successful year! Thank you for your support!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ad Astra Weekend - Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came by our fan table to say hi, ask about the screening, and just hang out at Ad Astra this weekend!

And a huge thank you to everyone who bought their advanced tickets, and to those who bought some of the amazing goodies we had on hand. You all made the weekend an incredible success!!

Next advanced ticket sales will be at the Toronto shindig on May 21st, details to come! And the following weekend we'll be at Anime North! And after that...

The screening will be here before you know it! Get your tickets now, while they're still cheap!

Friday, April 08, 2011

New Auction Item!

We're starting to receive auction donations, and the latest is this beautiful, hand-made, one of a kind Serenity Stained Glass Window, generously donated by Velvet Mae's Glass Press!!

Click on the thumbnail for more images!
This is sure to be a hot item at this year's auction!

We'll be at Ad Astra!

We're going to be at Ad Astra this weekend, so come on by and see us!

We'll have Puppet Spike and Angel there ready to pose with you for pictures all weekend (for a small donation, with your own camera), some nifty bookmarks, magnets and tickets for sale on Saturday and Sunday, with all proceeds going toward running this year's Can't Stop the Serenity Event!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Tickets On Sale Now!

Tickets are now on sale for Toronto's Can't Stop the Serenity Charity screening here on the mainpage of the website, via Credit Card or Paypal!

We will also have tickets on hand to sell at the shindig this Saturday, April 2nd at the Old Spaghetti Factory, so bring your cashy money and get your tickets before they go!