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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't let the Alliance keep you from the screening.

The G20 and the screening.
We do not expect the summit to have any impact on the screening except for people who normally drive into Toronto using the Gardner or Lakeshore. Avoid anywhere between Queen St and the Lake, Spadina to Yonge
See the map.
According to the Torontoist:
"All 400-series highways (427 occasionally excepted) are open. Aside from other traffic stoppage due to protests and civil unrest—remember, the official protest zone is Queen’s Park, -the city streets are running as usual.
People can move about the city and, while some downtown attractions are closing, others, like the ROM with Terracotta Warriors [opening June 26], are opening massive global exhibitions that weekend.”
And the ROM is of course, not far from the Bloor.
We know of one protest march which starts at Queen's Park at 1:30 - when we will be in the theatre. But it will in any case be south of Bloor.
So plan on coming to this year's screening. Don't let the Alliance push you around! ;-)

June 18th update. As dignitaries fly into the airport, they will take the 401 collectors eastbound to the 427 southbound.
It looks as though the 401 express will remain open during those times and once past the 427 it will be clear sailing.

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