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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Browncoat- at a price you can afford.

Keep flying wearing your very own, officially licensed Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat.
Thanks to Abbyshot Clothiers we have quite a deal to offer you. Normally the Coat costs $366 Cdn. plus $29 shipping fees and GST.
But we can offer this to you for the amazing deal of only $290 all included.
All Browncoats ordered before June 18 will be delivered to the screening itself where you can pick yours up.
What is that cost again?
Only $290 total. Over $100.00 savings.
This  rugged browncoat is constructed entirely from high calibre, genuine cow suede with pebbled leather cuffs.
A western style duster complete with gun flaps and custom designed brass buckles.
You won't find a better version of Mal's iconic coat anywhere else.
AbbyClothiers has given this special deal only to the cities who are organizing CSTS events.
In order to get this price you must order through Paypal here on the blog  by Thursday June 17th.
Look at the sizing chart here  and be sure to include what size you wish to order along with your name and contact info. You can also email to ensure all the correct information went through. You must order through us, not from Abbyshot.
Thanks to Abbyshot Clothiers for their amazing generosity


  1. I'd really like to go to CSTS Toronto this year... but I'd be coming from out of town. How much do you think the G20 crapola is going to affect getting into the city to get to it?

  2. We'll be covering this subject (complete with maps!) soon but briefly, avoid the Gardiner & the Lakeshore as you come in if you are coming from the west. If you are coming from the East, head north before Yonge.
    The Bloor Cinema is well above the secure area. Coming from the 401 or anywhere north of Bloor, there will be no problem.
    But a map will be coming. It is a smallish area and easy to avoid.