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Friday, May 14, 2010

And the winners are...

Congrats to Chris K, Mel and Haaris  who got all the answers correct and a special shoutout to Mel who got question #9 exactly right (although we accepted the "eating apples" answer.)

The questions and the answers:
First set
   1. What is the name of Jayne's very favourite gun?
   2. What is the largest thing they have ever had to smuggle that we know of?
      A herd of cows.

      3. What is the name of Mr. Universe's lovebot?
   4. What is Inara's last name?
   5. When Simon puts River to sleep in the bar, what language is he speaking?
Second set
   6.Who are the 2 Canadian cast members in Firefly and Serenity?
      Nathan Fillion and Jewel Staite
   7. In the movie, as we are being introduced to the crew on Serenity, what falls off the ship?
      Primary Buffer Panel
   8. What food does River find problematic?
      An Ice Planet
   9. When we first meet Badger, what is he doing that demonstrates his great wealth?
    Using an apple peeler/  Eating an apple
   10.What does Jayne want to bring on the heist that he is not allowed to?
Third set
   1. What are the first names of Simon and River's mother and father?
      Gabriel and Regan Tam
   2. Which one is prettier? Fanty or Mingo?
   3. What is a purple belly?
      An Alliance soldier.
   4.How does Wash define interesting?
      "Oh God, oh God, we're all gonna die"
   5. Who is the hero of Canton?
      Jayne Cobb
Fourth set
   1. Which studio released Serenity?
      Universal Pictures
   2. Who sent Jayne his cunning hat?
      His mother
   3. Translate these 2 phrases:
   Dong ma
      You understand?
   Ni hao
      How are you?
   4. Our Mrs. Reynolds used at least 3 first names in Firefly. Name 2 of them
   5. What is the name of the food product we see in the commercial in Serenity?
      Fruity Oaty Bars

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