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Monday, June 01, 2009

Attention Buffy Fans!
Have you been reading  Buffy Season 8, the  Comic book series? If so, you will remember the cute little Vampire kitties from one issue. One of our talented people made a little stuffed kitten that looks just like the real thing. That alone would be reason enough to bid on it in the auction. But if you will look closely at the back of its head, you will note a familiar signature.

Yes indeed, this is a one of a kind Joss Whedon signed vampire kitty.

This picture shows you the front, the back and an image from the comic so you can see what a great likeness it is.
This will be one of the  many items we are auctioning off at Toronto's Can't Stop The Serenity screening, with all proceeds going to Equality Now.
The auction will be cash only.


  1. Way to go, Toronto. How much is a flight from PDX to YYZ?

  2. Probably a bit more than you'd like to pay! But PDX has Scott Allie, right?