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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get a load of this unique bag! Put out by Warner Brothers one day only at San Diego Comic Con 2008, it has Chuck on one side and Pushing Daisies on the other. This is one huge bag - we know someone who put so much into it, she fell over when she tried to stand with it hanging from her shoulder!
Will you get this bag at the Can't Stop The Serenity screening?


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  2. Anonymous3:27 pm

    This isn't related to the above post, but I wasn't sure where else I could ask this question: what if someone is only interested in seeing the film and is not interested in attending the auctions or other segments of this event? What time will the actual film start playing and/or where is the full schedule for this event available?

    As a member of the general public (I saw the ad in Bloor Cinema's monthly schedule and investigated from there), I'm really only interested in seeing the film and donating to the charity in that respect, and the rest of this seemingly all-day event is not of particular interest to me. I would suggest making the actual screening time of the film easily accessible to casual browsers so you don't scare off people who are only interested in attending a fundraising screening at Bloor Cinema, for example. That is, if you do in fact want to encourage the attendance of the general public...? It seems to me like you do, but I apologise if I'm misinterpreting your intentions!

  3. Good point. The door prizes and auction will follow the screening and we are still determining exactly what time the film will start. We expect that to be about 1:30 but last year we had so many people coming in late and wanting popcorn it was pushed back a bit.

    We mostly certainly do want the general public!
    Thanks for asking.