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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Door Prizes!

At last - this is not fact a complete list because we have more than one of some things such as the Serenity DVD and the Mal comic and Jayne Hat but this will certainly give you an idea!
And before you drool over the door prizes, let me tell you how it is going to work.

As soon as the movie is over, the volunteers will spring into action and spread the prizes over the stage at the front. We will draw a number and if you are a winner, race, don't walk to the front, have your ticket verified then choose a prize. Don't take too long because as soon as I call your number and we know we have a winner, I'm calling the next number, and they too will be racing down to pick a prize.
But you must have your ticket verified first before choosing a prize.

Ok. Onto the list!
Shot Glass with pic of Nathan Fillion
One Official Serenity Travel Mug
On the Drift CD signed by Bedlam Bards
Serenity DVD
Firefly DVD
Firefly card set
"Serenity" Buddha bank-Blue
"Praise" Buddha Bank - Yellow
Serenity Watch
Big Damn Chefs cookbook
Jayne Hat
DVD poster
DVD poster
Tshirt – Brown, Done the Impossible
T shirt – Blue, Serenity
Mal comic
Serenity – Those Left Behind
Serenity Theatrical Poster
Voucher to receive a copy of 'Serenity: Special Edition'
Finding Serenity, autographed by Jane Espenson
Voucher to receive a copy of Serenity Found
One copy of Buffy Season 8 #1 Variant
"Fan Club Edition" Serenity Alliance Money Pack
"Done the Impossible" DVD
On the Drift CD signed by Bedlam Bards
"Serenity" kanji jewelry
Double pass for Polaris 21
Double pass for Polaris 21
Mal Action Figure
Mal Action Figure
Serenity Poker Chips
Firefly Official Companion – Volume 1
Firefly Official Companion – Volume 2
Nathan studio ID pass

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