Monday, September 29, 2014

That's a wrap on 2014!

With Dr. Horrible done, that wraps up our contribution to CSTS for 2014!

Thanks to everyone who attended any of our events, visited our table at conventions, bought anything, donated anything, bid on anything at our auction, and just had fun with us. Without you, all our work would be in vain.

A special thanks to Elizabeth for leading us through another successful year and to our other committee members: Alex, Alison, Alun, Andrea, Ashley, Jason, Laurie, Magie, Sunny, and Tonya. We'd also like to thank those of you who volunteered and helped us throughout the year.

Keep an eye out for all things Year 10! We're hoping to be bigger and better in 2015!

Another update will be posted later when our full donation to Equality Now has been confirmed.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Toronto's Donation so far...

It's been a great year so far for us!

Our donation to Equality Now after the Serenity screening is...

$3,350.00 US

Come to our Dr. Horrible this weekend and maybe we can up our donation over $4,000!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bad Horse has a message for you:

Yes it's true! Our annual Dr. Horrible event is happening on September 27th at the Firkin on King. We hope you can join us for crafting, singing and general merriment!

Tickets are available now for $5.

Ticket sales are now closed. There will be tickets at the door.

Sunday, July 06, 2014


Thanks for making year 9 one of the best ever!

Thanks to everyone who attended, bought merchandise, bought t-shirts, bought tickets for our awesome draw prizes, bid in the auction, won the auction items and came to the shindig afterwards.

We truly appreciate it and it makes every moment of planning, thinking, and worrying about it all worthwhile! As much as we like seeing the movie year after year, we love having all the Browncoats (and some non-Browncoats) come out and have a great time with us.

A special thanks to Nerds With Guitars ( for being our auctioneers. You guys did great!

Also thanks to everyone who donated items that were in our auction or draws or even held until next year. Your generosity is amazing and we wouldn't have so much fun at the auctions if people didn't bid like crazy to get their hands on it.

Remember to stay tuned for Dr. Horrible this fall and Year 10 in 2015!